"We hired Don in 2017 for our remodel project that has just finished up this December (2018). We chose Don originally because he was not only the most creative architect that we interviewed but he also listened the most intently to our goals for the project. Our project was a 500 sq-ft addition to the rear of our Seattle house that allowed for a new expanded kitchen and a rooftop deck. During the consultation Don was very thorough and captured our goals for the project very well. He produced two concepts, both of which were excellent, but one had less of an issue with a large existing tree in our garden. As we started to firm up the plans Don did a good job of interpreting the Seattle zoning requirements and this demonstrated by that being one of the first departments to sign off on our plans after submittal. He continued to assist us through the permitting process, especially where the city determined that they wanted a whole-house seismic retrofit. He also helped us retain a firm of structural engineers for the production of the plans. During construction the quality of the plans were evident because we had very few questions that we needed to go back to Don with, and the carpenter working on the project commented frequently the plans were some of the most accurate that he had worked with. The project has been slow since the plans were approved, mostly due to the nature of the Seattle construction market in 2018 but I believe that Don was extremely successful in both meeting our goals for the remodel and maintaining the character of our older (1928) home."

Alex Barclay

"We engaged the services of Don Larkin, Architect, to design our new custom home in Manchester, Washington. We selected Don after reviewing and interviewing several other architects because of his previous experience in construction, his design style, and his easy-going manner. We were not disappointed. We brought Don a conceptual layout, discussed with him our priorities -- needs, wants and desires -- and after a site visit, he flipped our concept 180 degrees which resulted in a far superior layout for the site. I guess that's why you hire a professional. His initial exterior design so captivated my wife and me by delivering on our tastes and styles that we hardly made changes to his exterior concept. Throughout the design process, Don brought us excellent ideas, and as we suggested changes or modifications, he was always good natured in dealing with our ignorance by pointing out why what we suggested would not work, but offering alternatives that blended our vision with reality. Once we settled on a design, he was there with us throughout the permitting process and the construction phase, making necessary or desired changes as requested. He has remained in contact after we completed construction to ensure we are satisfied with the home he designed based on our vision and our lifestyle. Throughout the process, both Don, and my wife and I learned a lot about the architectural design process. Don recognized some of our spatial visualization issues and developed some 3-D depictions of his 2-D drawings. These 3-D renderings helped tremendously in our ability to visualize the finished product, and to communicate with our contractor and trades people on the desired finished look. If Don does not offer these to you, I recommend that you ask him about them. They were an excellent aid in our design and build process. I absolutely and without hesitation commend and recommend Don Larkin for anyone who is interested in new or remodel construction architectural services. He listens to what you want, brings to you what he heard, and works with you to refine the product to meet your dreams. Don certainly delivered on our dream."

Dave Pabst

"We hired Don Larkin to design a home for our Puget Sound waterfront lot. We wanted a house that would look like one found at the beach. Don not only designed the most beautiful shingle style house on the exterior but also addressed our desire for an open floor plan with traditional accents. Every day we are amazed at how much we enjoy the design. We receive very positive comments on the house daily from people who see it for the first time. Don's designs and his attention to detail are second to none. We were so lucky to have had the privilege of having him as our architect."

Tom and Jana Brandli

"We worked with Don on the design of our home on Hood Canal. We've also worked with Don before on the crawlspace conversion to a full basement we did for our main home several years ago, and knew we were working with an Architect that could capture all our thoughts and ideas and incorporate them into the design. And that is exactly what we got...Don was able to capture our ideas, descriptions styles, and yes...Houzz photos into exactly the home we wanted for our weekend waterfront home here on Hood Canal. I am still amazed at the finished product and how all those elements from our rough sketches and photos are in the design. In short, this home is exactly how we envisioned it. The design itself is only half the story as the project management role Don played in developing the spec for materials, finishes, well as helping select the right builder, were all key to this project turning out the way it has. In short, we are thrilled with the end result. Friends, neighbors and even other local tradespeople have all commented on how amazing the house turned out. We would have no reservation strongly recommending Don to anyone considering a project like this."

Bruce Dankberg

"We are absolutely thrilled with our lakefront house designed by Don Larkin. We have had many visitors and we love to see their reaction as they walk in the door. Don really knows how to take advantage of a view. The combined great room, dining room, and kitchen is cleverly divided by cabinetry and ceilings of different heights. The exterior's unique charm can be attributed to a curving roofline and adherence to a beach cottage style vernacular. People really gush over the details. Don Larkin created an amazing design while working under time and site constraints. We are the proud owners of a truly beautiful and oh-so-livable house. We love it!"

Ed and Elise Hoit

"We hired Don to help with designing our small addition and major remodel of our lakefront home. This was one of the best decisions we could have made! Don has exceptional ideas, a great sense of design and aesthetics, and fabulous communication skills. He was quickly able to pinpoint our style and create a plan that matched our vision. He is open, honest, and a relentless advocate for his clients. His ability to problem solve and come up with unique solutions to problems in a short time frame is excellent. We now consider him a trusted friend, and recommend him highly to anyone seeking a skilled architect for a remodel and/or addition."

Habib Rahbar

"Nearly twenty years later, we still can't believe how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful home. Every day we marvel at how the windows let in the view from every angle and how the outdoors is connected to the indoors. But even on our dreary Seattle days, the indoors is alive with a two-sided marble faced fireplace (that became a gigantic work of art done with Don's design incorporating intricate plasterboard work) accented with targeted lighting, a sculpted curving staircase, a curved balconied bridge, an even an art niche in what could have been a simple pillar. We met Don Larkin while planning our dream home. We had big ideas, but a limited budget, and worked closely with Don to plan a home that would take advantage of the views and incorporate our ideas. We had a bubble floor plan and list of ideas and photographs of houses we liked. Don developed sketches and drawings that we reviewed and gave written feedback as well as verbal. We went through a few rounds of reviews, using the combination of written and verbal communications each time. Don made sure that we understood the trade-offs (there do have to be at least some load-bearing walls) and we converged on a design that would be practical as well as beautiful. Don was very patient; he understood that this was a life-long dream that was very important. He was very knowledgeable and produced exceptional drawings and helped us understand the process that we were undertaking. This was important, because we used a "help-you-build" process where we were responsible for the construction project. We had contracted with Don for the original house plans and then also for several inspections as construction progressed. He was particularly instrumental in ensuring that the ceiling beams for each floor were sufficiently strong, not an easy task in a house with few walls. We highly recommend Don. He is a great architect and a great person with high integrity."

Laurie and Gary Ervin

"We were planning a major remodel and addition to our home. It is on the water and has a beautiful view. My wife was researching architects and we interviewed 3-4 different people. She then saw pictures of Don's work on a home on Lopez island. Don was busy and said he would not be available for a period of time but from that conversation she knew that this was a person with whom she could work. We decided to wait and boy are we glad we did. Don is creative, and practical. He thinks outside the box and is invested in the project. He wants it to succeed and throughout the process was accessible and helpful. In any project, there are problems that crop up. Don worked so well with our builder and designer. He would always follow up with us and keep us informed. Our project is beautiful and it is because Don had the vision and ability to put together a wonderful design that was exactly what we wanted. I can not express how much my wife and I appreciate Don and we feel so lucky that he would work with us on our home."

Jeff Robinson

"My wife and I interviewed several Architects before selecting Don to design our mountain home. We have built several homes of size and this specific project was one that was extremely important to us because it was an asset that we viewed would be in the family for generations to come. With that Don did an exceptional job of learning about who we are, what was important to us, how we viewed the feeling of the structure relative to the location on the property, and best of all understanding what was truly important to us. Through the design process he was masterful in creating not only a beautifully designed home but also being incredibly creative with space and functionality. I love it when an architect wows the client with "special" space or feeling that you never expected or knew existed- whether it be a creative window location or taking advantage of typically wasted space he truly knows how to create uniqueness. We are expecting to build another home on the same property with a much grander scale in the upcoming years and Don without a doubt will be the mastermind behind it's design too."

Armand Tiberio

"We worked with Don to design and execute a complex covered parking area connecting to two separate buildings, with steel supports and 3 levels of roof. He did a great job creating a harmonious structure that appears as if it has always been a part of our home. He worked closely with us throughout, incorporating our input and ensuring the contractors followed the design."

Jill Crisafulli